Our Facilities

Corporate governance of Akseki Yapı is carried out in the central facilities located in İzmir - Karabağlar. Our central facilities, in which all field operations management is done and board decisions taken are 3500 m2 in total.

Akseki Yapı’s;
* Blinds and Shutters production factory, which is located in A.O.I.Z. (A.O.S.B.) - Çiğli / Industrial Zone, is established on a total area of 8000 m2. the factory, which has 6500 m2 indoor area, also has a powder and paint transfer area on a 1000 m2.

* PVC and Aluminum factory located in Menderes is establised on an area of 4500 m2 in total. 3000 m2 of this is PVC window and door production area, and the remaining 1500 m2 is used as aluminum carpentry production area.

* Product storage and shipping facilities, also located in Menderes, are 3500 m2. These facilities are also used as shipping and transportation center.

* Another production facility, which produces bathroom and kitchen in the field of Furniture, is esttablished on 1000 m2. This facility also has a Showroom.